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UV&Me is a national organization composed of individual chapters based out of medical schools across the country. Each chapter serves as a medical student organization (MSO) at their corresponding universities and requires a faculty mentor. 

Typically, medical students that are interested in establishing a UV&Me chapter seek out a faculty mentor. However, we also encourage interested medical school faculty to seek out medical students who they feel would be ideal founders for a new chapter. 

The responsibilities of the faculty member are flexible and individualized for each chapter. General responsibilities include overseeing the academic preparation of the chapter members, creating opportunity for members to seek guidance and mentorship, and providing additional leadership and advice as needed. 

If you are a medical school faculty member, please feel free to reach out to the the UV&Me National Team with any questions you might have. 

You can also find out if your university already has an existing UV&Me chapter through our site here.


We are incredibly appreciative for any and all your help in continuing to educate the youth on the dangers of UV radiation and the importance of sun safety! 

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